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Rexroth T-Slot Connectors
GoTo Aluminum Framing T-Nuts, T-Bolts and T-Blocks
Features of Rexroth's T-Slot Connectors include:
- T-nuts install anywhere along the profile T-slot, rotating and locking into position. The tapered neck simplifies assembly, and the T-nut is self-aligning in the T-slot.
- T-bolts install anywhere along the profile T-slot, rotating and locking into position. The tapered neck simplifies assembly, and the T-bolt is self-aligning in the T-slot. The positioning groove on the end of the T-bolt visually indicates when it is properly positioned in the T-slot.

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T-Nuts and T-Bolts
Material Description  Number  Maximum Quantity  Shipment (Business Days) 
10mm Plastic T-nut, M4 threads (Lot size 100) 3842111987 100 
10mm Plastic T-nut, M5 threads (Lot size 100) 3842111988 100 
10mm Plastic T-nut, M6 threads (Lot size 100) 3842111989 100 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=1”, 5/16-18 8981021555 20 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=14mm 8981021342 200 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=19mm 8981021343 300 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=24mm 8981021344 200 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=3/4”, 5/16-18 8981021554 10 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=34mm 8981021345 100 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=44mm 8981021346 30 
10mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=54mm 8981021347 20 
10mm T-nut, 1/4” x 20 U.N.C. threads 8981021323 300 
10mm T-nut, 10-32 U.N.F threads  8981021322 60 
10mm T-nut, 5/16” x 18 U.N.C. threads 8981021324 200 
10mm T-nut, 8-32 U.N.C. threads  8981021321 20 
10mm T-nut, M4 threads 3842530281 100 
10mm T-nut, M5 threads 3842530283 200 
10mm T-nut, M6 threads 3842530285 300 
10mm T-nut, M8 threads 3842530287 400 
10mm T-nut, M8 threads, nickel-plated 8981019580 10 
6mm T-nut, M4 threads 3842523135 200 
8mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=14mm 8981019577 100 
8mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=18mm 8981019578 100 
8mm T-bolt fastening kit, L=23mm 8981019579 20 
8mm T-nut, 1/4” X 20 U.N.C. threads 8981016124 50 
8mm T-nut, 10-32 U.N.F. threads 8981016123 60 
8mm T-nut, 8-32 U.N.C. threads 8981016122 20 
8mm T-nut, M4 threads 3842501751 100 
8mm T-nut, M5 threads 3842501752 100 
8mm T-nut, M6 threads 3842501753 300 
8mm T-nut, M6 threads, nickel-plated 8981020861 20 
M8 Flange nut only for 10mm T-nut 3842345081 200 

- T-blocks slide into the end of the T-slot and are used to fasten heavy loads to profiles. The extra large contact area provides a strong secure connection. Springs can be installed behind the T-blocks to hold them in place while making vertical connections.
- Swivel-in Spring T-blocks provide the same benefits as the T-blocks but can be installed anywhere along the profile T-slot. They can be repositioned in the T-slot and the integrated spring holds the connector in position while making vertical connections.
- Slide Bearings are suitable for drawers and sliding or lifting doors, and are ideal for applications where two profiles need to be moved manually along the same plane.

T-Blocks, Springs, Swivel-in T-Blocks, and Slide Bearings
Material Description  Number  Maximum Quantity  Shipment (Business Days) 
10mm slide bearing, flat 3842530329 100 
10mm Swivel-in T-block with spring M6 3842529299 20 
10mm Swivel-in T-block with spring M8 3842529300 50 
10mm Swivel-in T-block, M8 3842529324 20 
10mm T-block, M5 3842528741 20 
10mm T-block, M6 3842528738 100 
10mm T-block, M8 3842528735 100 
6mm T-block, M4  3842523140 100 
6mm T-block, M5  3842523142 30 
8mm Swivel-in T-block with spring M5 3842529296 20 
8mm Swivel-in T-block with spring M8 3842529297 20 
8mm Swivel-in T-block, M6 3842529320 20 
8mm T-block, M4  3842514928 40 
8mm T-block, M5  3842514929 50 
8mm T-block, M6  3842514930 50 
8mm T-block, M8  3842514931 50 
Spring for 10mm T-block  3842516669 50 
Spring for 6mm T-block 3842523145 40 
Spring for 8mm T-block 3842516685 50 

GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.
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