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Lean Manufacturing Podcasts
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lean manufacturing
The Rexroth Lean Manufacturing podcast series provides practical, real-world insight and guidance on ways to make your operations more lean with:
  • Operational, engineering & design steps that reduce waste and improve workflow
  • Techniques to help your people apply lean across your enterprise
  • Case histories detailing real-world lean transformation success stories
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Lean manufacturing systems and technology

> Applying lean to the engineering process
Analyze and improve the “flows” and “connections” in typical engineering processes to boost quality and productivity

> Designing manufacturing equipment for lean
Get practical guidelines on improving operator interfaces, sightlines, and demand-driven assembly systems

> Lean manufacturing and automation technology
Learn how automation can play a significant role in lean manufacturing, in many cases reducing waste and saving time

> Lean and sustainability
There are clear links between sustainability and lean manufacturing, since both share a common goal: reducing waste

> Three Fundamental Components of Lean
Understand the three fundamental elements that businesses must have to build a lean organization

> Designing New Facilties To Be Lean
Design, build and launch new facilities using lean concepts to ensure your lean business has a lean environment

> Lean in Assembly Operations
Learn how lean manufacturing and automation can work together for an efficient, high-integrity manufacturing operation.

> Lean Transformation in Aerospace Supply Chain
Learn how lean manufacturing is helping the aerospace industry take flight with improved operational efficiency.
Lean manufacturing and people

> Developing front-line supervisors to succeed in lean
How to help supervisors become team-leaders and question-askers and drive lean transformation

> Gaining buy-in for lean
Discover how to use informal communications to sustain support for lean initiatives and changes

> Daily problem-solving in a lean organization
Techniques to identify and resolve “little” problems every day, so they don’t become complex issues

> The look and feel of lean
Use lean principles to transform workspaces, helping lift worker morale and sustain continuous improvement

> Poka-Yoke: The Art of Mistake Proofing
People make mistakes -- and the principles and techniques called Poka-Yoke can help minimize the impact of error and help your lean operation learn and grow
Lean manufacturing case histories

> Ophthonix: Lean automation in eyeglass manufacturing
New automated pull-through production facility implements multiple lean principles using Rexroth VarioFlow conveyors

> Bosch Security: New modular work cell solution
Launch of new product line used to change manufacturing to demand-driven production using multiple lean techniques

> Cellophane House: Lean technology for sustainable housing
Leading “green” architect KierenTimberlake creates model prefabricated home using lean design & assembly techniques, sustainable materials

> Sunnen Manufacturing: Using lean to gain competitive edge
Global machine tool manufacturer uses lean to break down barriers, driving innovation and workteam productivity
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