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About Bosch Rexroth - Market Segments

Clearing snow at -0° F and harvesting corn at +100° F. Manufacturing components with 1000th mm accuracy. Moving sluice gates that weigh several metric tons for a hydroelectric dam or shipping canal with ease and efficiency. Putting most famous stages in the world in motion, technology applied to create theatrical magic. Achieving the optimal alignment for the rotor blades in wind energy plants so they generate power wherever the wind blows, and ultimately harvesting the endless clean tidal power of the oceans.

As a global provider of advanced drive, motion and control solutions, Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering efforts with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. More than 33,700 associates worldwide are passionately committed to developing tailored, safe and resource-friendly solutions to help the modern world move… just about everything. Our innovations enhance the reliability, flexibility, energy efficiency and performance of machine manufacturers and end users. For example, they help to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously raising productivity.

Above all, we make it easy to build cross-technology solutions that use predefined software functions and integrated engineering tools to speed the creation of next generation machines.