Reliable Drive & Control Solutions for Efficient Wind Turbines

Your Benefits

A wide product portfolio of highest quality and an extensive system know-how to

- optimize performance

- increase reliability

Global service: 24/7 availability, fast on-site support and original spare parts for

- high uptime

- low operating costs

Trust in our 30 years of experience in wind energy!


Reducing Cost of Energy - The Main Challenge

Be it onshore or offshore, new generations of wind turbines are producing electricity ever more efficiently and reliably. Turbine manufacturers are constantly developing innovative solutions. Lower cost of energy of their turbines contribute to strengthen competitiveness. Wind farm operators also focus on cost of energy. High uptime and low operation cost of their turbines during the complete lifecycle secures revenue.

Wherever performance, reliability and stability are required, Bosch Rexroth supports its customers in a unique fashion during the entire life cycle of the wind turbine: As a long-term development partner and a global supplier of wind turbine products and solutions and, finally, a local service partner .