T-Slot Connectors

  • T-Nuts and T-Bolts
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    This wide range of T-slot connectors makes it easy to connect components and accessories anywhere along the T-slot. All fasteners are designed for quick, easy installation and have large surface contact areas providing a strong, secure connection.

  • T-Blocks, Springs, and Slide Bearing
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    These T-slot Connectors can be used to fasten heavy components and accessories anywhere along the T-slot. The extra large contact surface with the inside of the profile provides a strong secure connection.


  • T-slot alignment tabs for easy positioning and reduced assembly time
  • Clean professional appearance
  • Connects anywhere on the profile T-slot
  • Optional cover caps available
  • No machining of the profile required for installation
  • Round Cover Caps are optional cover caps used with die-cast gussets

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