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Upwardly mobile

The Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, has moved quality check well out of the way. To provide more space, and greater safety, for workers and traffic in the brewery, the conveyor system for the automated production line has been elevated to a height of about three meters.


Product Information

New operating devices for modern machines

Bosch Rexroth transfers the current status of the semi-conductor and display technologies to a completely new portfolio of operating and visualizing devices. The human-machine-interfaces offer more room for more information with improved readability. The displays with robust, anti-reflecting glass surfaces are arranged on the rough surrounding conditions of production and retain their excellent optical properties even after several years of operation. The simple and fast project planning occurs in all variations with a uniform software tool.


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Getting to grips with temperature and energy

Because the chilled water was simply too warm, the climate control units in the Emirates Hotel in Dubai could not regulate temperatures to the desired levels. In addition, the pumps always ran at full speed. This was a situation the hotel wanted to eliminate since on the one hand guest rooms were not at the desired temperatures and on the other hand power consumption was too high.


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Ammersee Lake: Swedish technology in Bavarian nature

School vacation is travel time for families. One travel destination that combines nature and technology with one another is Ammersee Lake near Munich with its two paddle steamers. During a trip on the boat, passengers can enjoy nature in the Alpine foothills, making use of modern Swedish-German technology without even knowing it.


Product Information

The System under control by means of apps – more operator comfort in automation

In the future, mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs will conquer offices and production halls of modern companies. With the help of these devices many processes can be simplified and made even more efficient. Glaub Solution GmbH situated in Salzgitter, Germany, develops already today HMI solutions, which can be used to operate complete automation systems from smart devices by means of apps. The systems are based on Open Core Engineering with Open Core Interface technology as well as the controls IndraMotion MLC and IndraLogic XLC from Rexroth. The specialist for automation solutions is thus pushing the door wide open towards Connected Industry.


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Ball rail systems: twice the service life and high travel accuracy

The patented entry zone of the new BSHP ball runner blocks from Rexroth improves the travel accuracy of ball rail systems and the machining quality of work pieces as a result. At the same time, greatly improved load capacities increase service life expectancies by a considerable amount. The new runner blocks are available in all sizes, versions, and accuracy classes. They also fit on already installed profiled rails of the same sizes without any restrictions.


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Flexible and particle-free for OLED production

Positioning displays particle-free in a high vacuum or moving an optional number of substrate carriers independently of one another or synchronously: The Linear Motion System from Rexroth increases process reliability and flexibility in the production of displays and also meets the significantly tightened requirements for the production of large displays of the tenth generation. Through the contactless drive principle and a matched control the system simplifies the design of process plant and allows a swift changeover to new products.


Corporate Information

Bosch Rexroth to acquire a 50% stake in the Hytec Group

Bosch Rexroth plans to acquire a 50 percent stake in its sales partner Hytec Holdings (Pty) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tesuco Group for an undisclosed sum. Hytec Holdings generated sales of almost 1 billion rand (about 63 million euros) in the 2013/2014 fiscal year and employs 675 employees across its operations.