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Bosch Rexroth to secure the future of its Mobile Applications business unit

Bosch Rexroth is securing the long-term viability of its Mobile Applications business unit. For this purpose, the company plans a cost cutting program totaling 450 million euros.


Photo News

A bridge for every tide level

A bridge for every tide level

During the rush hour as many as 6,000 vehicles cross a pontoon bridge over Dubai Creek. To ensure that traffic always travels over the bridge safely, the electronically controlled hydraulic tidal compensation, built by Rexroth, raises or lowers the access ramps to suit the water level.


Product Information

Easily configured and quick to deliver

Ever shorter innovation cycles in machine building have made the desire for faster product development process a constant companion in development departments. With the revised version of the online configurator for M4 load sensing valves, Bosch Rexroth helps manufacturers of mobile machinery in this regard in two ways: On the one hand the tool, which is easy and intuitive to operate, makes it quick and easy to master the enormous variety of the flexible valve family and immediately provides necessary design documents. On the other hand, the M4 configurator now provides an expanded preferred program and an eShop connection, which makes the procurement process significantly faster and easier.



Four errors in construction that are sure to destroy energy

Software takes into account all energy flows inside the machine

Bosch Rexroth has developed the universal Rexroth 4EE system based on its broad application experience and employs this system to support design engineers in the efforts to implement energy efficient solutions. The following are four errors in machine design that are sure to destroy energy ― and four ways of how to avoid them.


Product Information

Fluid rating from Rexroth: reliably increase the service life of hydraulics

Higher operating pressures and significantly increased power density: hydraulic performance has greatly increased again in the past years. This also places higher requirements on the hydraulic fluids used which have a decisive influence on the wear properties of hydraulic components. For this reason, Bosch Rexroth offers fluid and additive manufacturers a newly developed rating procedure for hydraulic fluids which realistically reflects and reproduces the new requirements. It goes far beyond the minimum requirements of the corresponding fluid standards.


Product Information

French Mechatronics Award for electronic joystick from Rexroth

The yearly Mechatronics Award in France is co-organized by the three major French federations in mechatronics – THESAME, ARTEMA and THE CETIM. This year’s 8th edition focused on solutions, trends and innovations in the off-road industry including machines in the areas of construction, agriculture, material handling, railway as well as municipal vehicles. Bosch Rexroth won the award in the category “Big Companies Project” for its electronic joystick 4THEC5 SIL2 for construction and material handling machines such as excavators and fork lift trucks.


Product Information

More flexibility for continuous casting machines

Mold oscillation forms the basis for optimum steel surface quality and the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the entire continuous casting line. Continuous casting lines require not only precise oscillation but also a high level of flexibility in terms of stroke and frequency. Only state-of-the-art electro-hydraulics can provide the required precise movement of heavy masses with respect to all of the oscillation parameters. This is where Bosch Rexroth provides an all-in-one drive and control package made up of well-matched components that can be integrated into any control system: from oscillation cylinders right up to high-performance multi-axis control with software packages.