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3D print you shall

Small busts of a famous science-fiction action figure were created layer by layer from hot plastic. This testimony to the limitless potential of digital printing was presented by Bosch Rexroth in Sweden, at the Elmia automation trade show held in Jönköping.


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Change as a constant companion

The ever-accelerating pace of technological change, increasingly regionalised demands and worldwide trends such as energy efficiency and the digital networking of industry pose challenges for machine manufacturing companies today that were barely on the horizon ten years ago. At the same time, ever since the "shift to Asia" high volatility has replaced the comparably predictable market conditions of mature markets. Companies will only be successful in the future if they accept these constantly changing conditions and learn to master them. Bosch Rexroth's strategy for success in the midst of change is a combination of internationalization, individualization and internal optimization.


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Trend towards more CVTs for small tractors

Continuously variable driving, active standstill and working in an optimum efficiency or power range – with these properties modern power-split transmissions are increasingly establishing themselves in less powerful tractors and transporters, too. Bosch Rexroth sees this trend confirmed by the market success of its hydrostatic compact unit A40CT.


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Competitive edge thanks to unique process functions

Rexroth achieves a new degree of freedom for mechanical engineering with the interface technology Open Core Interface. To Open Core Engineering, an engineering framework for PLC automation, this interface adds high-level language programming with enhanced access to the core of the control system. This enables machine manufacturers to create individual functions without additional hardware, clearly setting them apart from the competition.


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Efficient sheet metal processing

At EuroBLECH 2014, Bosch Rexroth introduces customized solutions for sheet metal processing. With easy-to-integrate multi-technology products, functional modules, and system solutions, the company increases energy efficiency and productivity in many classical applications in the industry.


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Hydraulic Motion Control - intelligent hydraulics ready for networking

Automation experts all agree: in increasingly networked production environments to Industry 4.0, centralized intelligent axes are the future. Provided they can communicate via open interfaces with higher-level systems. The new Hydraulic Motion Control HMC from Rexroth meets this essential requirement. The future-proof 1-axis controller for hydraulic drives with multi-Ethernet and multi-encoder interfaces as well as PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 dovetails a wide variety of concepts.


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Flexible advance planning

With a service concept tailored to their specific needs, manufacturers and operators increase the efficiency and availability of their systems. Flexible maintenance offerings from Rexroth safely ensure reliable operation of the wind turbine and reduce operating costs.


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Efficient wind energy

Modern Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) from Rexroth can permanently reduce the cost of energy (CoE) of wind turbines. The BLADEcontrol from Rexroth, which is certified by Germanischer Lloyd, provides continuous rotor blade monitoring and ice detection. The Advanced Condition Monitoring System ACoS incorporates even the entire drive train and other subsystems into the condition monitoring. The result: holistic monitoring with a continuous control desk link.