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Lean commands for Industry 4.0

The engineering framework Open Core Engineering by Rexroth now also supports the script language Lua. This gives users another option for bringing more intelligence into production. The simple and understandable syntax of Lua has proven itself on a global level. Bosch Rexroth is now also making the advantages, which for example are used in controlling complex figures in computer games, available to the automation industry. Lua can be used to control robotics or program axial movements. The end user can optimize its machine program itself with simple software tools – without needing to program one single line of PLC code.


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Open for open source: Rexroth drives integrate into Linux environment

Open source software continues to gain significance in mechanical engineering, because developers can save costs and flexibly realize their own functions. With Open Core Interface for Drives, OEMs can now program individual application programs for the Rexroth IndraDrive servo drives in high-level IT languages, and can also store them on external devices with the Linux operating system.


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Decentralized control intelligence for the machine

The new control hardware IndraControl FM by Rexroth unites machine PLC, I/O and the Open Core Interface for Industry 4.0-capable applications. It was specifically designed for cabinet-free automation concepts. In protection category IP65, IndraControl FM unites a multitude of analog and digital I/O for direct connection of actuator and sensors in machines. Parallel to and independent from PLC programming, IoT (Internet of Things) applications can be implemented with the Linux-based options board, diverse high-level language programming options, and the Open Core Interface.


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Control system ready for the demands of Industry 4.0

For the increased exchange of information and data, the vertical and horizontal integration requires high performance from devices and increased intelligence for sustainable machine controls. With the new IPC-based control hardware, Bosch Rexroth increased the overall performance of the IndraMotion MLC control system even more. It connects motion, robotics, and logic control with individual high-level language programming and thus opens up new possibilities for engineering Industry 4.0-capable overall solutions.



Industry 4.0 requires intelligent integration

Industry 4.0 requires intelligent integration

But if many automation tasks have already been accomplished, why is Industry 4.0 implementation lagging so far behind in factories and production halls? The answer: The gap between the worlds of Industry and IT is not yet closed. In order to speed up implementation in this area, Bosch Rexroth is collaborating with numerous companies from the world of IT.


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Universally usable operating and display unit

Rexroth expands its BODAS modular system for mobile electronics with the new BODAS DI4 display, a universally useable operating unit for mobile working machines. It is programmed with the CODESYS 3.5 development environment and opens up extensive opportunities for individual visualization and allocation of functions. In addition, the DI4 simplifies the diagnosis and re-parameterization of BODAS controllers connected via CAN bus. To do so, service engineers load the new data sets via the integrated USB interface and "flash" them onto the corresponding controller in the mobile working machine.


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Fast but safely into the curve with Bosch Rexroth tilting technology

Now they can move into the curve at 80 km/h: Digital hydraulic tilting technology ensures that high speed trains in Finland can master winding routes faster and more safely in the future. Tilting maneuvers will be digitally controlled, components' functional reliability will be monitored automatically.


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Bosch Rexroth starts measures to turn its Mobile Applications business unit around

At the end of July, Bosch Rexroth announced cost cuts in its Mobile Applications business unit. Since then, the company has been conducting talks with the employee representatives and their consultants in order to give them the opportunity to check the plausibility of the turnaround concept and propose alternative measures. The aim of the turnaround proposed by Bosch Rexroth is to cut costs by 450 million euros and in this way secure the unit’s long-term viability.