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Turbo Hydraulic System saves many tons of fuel

The best place to start saving is where minimum effort achieves maximum economies. In climate protection so far, attention has been focused on land-based vehicles and power plants. Worldwide shipping, however, also offers enormous opportunities to reduce both fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.


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Steffen Haack to take over management of Business Unit Industrial Applications

Steffen Haack is taking over management of the Business Unit Industrial Applications at Bosch Rexroth in Lohr am Main as of September 1. Haack, 48, is currently Chairman of Divisional Executive Board responsible for Sales and Corporate Development at Solar Energy.


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Bagging flour made easy

Filling flour bags by hand is more than tedious. It is a fine thing that this task can now be handled by fully automatic machinery like the Maia MWPG bagging station, built by Bühler, a Swiss company specializing in equipment engineering. This system can fill as many as 900 bags an hour, each containing from 20 to 65 liters of flour or other powdered material.


Product Information

One cable instead of three: Sercos-Master-Module SERCANS simplifies automation

With the new Sercos-Master-Module SERCANS from Rexroth, an Ethernet cable is enough for the entire real-time, non-real-time and safety communication. Engineers now have the possibility to combine any devices of different manufacturers with one another that support Sercos, EtherNet/IP or TCP/IP. This PC plug-in card simplifies the automation of individual machine modules as well as of entire machines.


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Skyscraper on solid footing

With 580 meters in architectural height and total height of 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is China’s tallest skyscraper. It is to be accessible to the public in 2015. To ensure that a building of this height is rock-solid, it needs a stable foundation – in this case a circular, reinforced concrete plate 121 meters in diameter and six meters deep.


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Upwardly mobile

The Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, has moved quality check well out of the way. To provide more space, and greater safety, for workers and traffic in the brewery, the conveyor system for the automated production line has been elevated to a height of about three meters.


Product Information

New operating devices for modern machines

Bosch Rexroth transfers the current status of the semi-conductor and display technologies to a completely new portfolio of operating and visualizing devices. The human-machine-interfaces offer more room for more information with improved readability. The displays with robust, anti-reflecting glass surfaces are arranged on the rough surrounding conditions of production and retain their excellent optical properties even after several years of operation. The simple and fast project planning occurs in all variations with a uniform software tool.


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Getting to grips with temperature and energy

Because the chilled water was simply too warm, the climate control units in the Emirates Hotel in Dubai could not regulate temperatures to the desired levels. In addition, the pumps always ran at full speed. This was a situation the hotel wanted to eliminate since on the one hand guest rooms were not at the desired temperatures and on the other hand power consumption was too high.