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EDIS lowers diesel fuel consumption of wheel loaders by up to ten percent

With the economic EDIS system solution from Rexroth, operators of wheel loaders can lower their fuel consumption by up to ten percent in comparison with concepts with purely open center architecture. First tests with Chinese OEMs show that the savings in operating costs exceed the initial invest for the components in a few months.


Product Information

Electromechanical cylinder from Rexroth: powerful with a hygienic design

With the second generation EMC electromechanical cylinder, Rexroth expands the possibilities for utilizing these compact drive units. With their hygienic design and IP56 protection class, they are now also suitable for applications with frequent cleaning cycles, such as those in the food industry. Furthermore, the new size EMC100-XC-2 increases the power density for feeding forces of up to 56 kN, e.g. for applications in forming technology. An optional force sensor allows decentralized process controls without a higher-level control system.


Product Information

A great challenge over and over again

The upcoming Hannover Messe will be spotlighting India as a partner country. The emerging subcontinent is the world's largest tractor producer and currently experiencing a boom in agricultural machines. With the EHC-8 Electrohydraulic Hitch Control, Bosch Rexroth has developed a product that improves not only the quality of the vehicles but also the working conditions for the farmers.


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"Snow cannon"

Four rotary impellers, mounted one above the other on the left and right, propel the snow as far as 40 meters. Up to 8,500 tons of this white “cargo” can be moved efficiently each and every hour. In the Alps, four railway snow blowers, manufactured by the Swiss company Zaugg AG Eggiwil, keep the lines operated by the Rhaetian Railway clear all year round.



India: Industry the Key to Greater Prosperity

Although growth has been significantly reduced in recent times, India continues to be one of the world's high-growth national economies. The Asian Development Bank expects to see growth of 5.5% for 2014, increasing to 6.3% in 2015. The government plans to promote industrialization on a massive scale, making the country a particularly interesting proposition for the mechanical engineering and plant engineering sectors.


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Industry 4.0 Award for Bosch Rexroth Assembly Line

A new assembly line at Bosch Rexroth AG in Homburg/Saar was recognized with the “Industry 4.0 Award“ as a pioneer in the practical implementation of Industry 4.0. The prize is awarded by the trade journal "Produktion" along with ROI Management Consulting AG., The independent panel evaluated the assembly line which was commissioned in the middle of this year to be the best implementation of Industry 4.0 in production.


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Broad stance

The Tow Plow trailer doubles the clearing width of a snow plow. The vehicle pulls the swing-away boom behind it, removing snow from two lanes at once. Bosch Rexroth in Canada, with its Compu-Spread snow removal technology, has developed the control system specifically for the local conditions.


Corporate Information

Changes to the Bosch Rexroth executive board

The executive board of Bosch Rexroth AG is being reorganized. Effective January 1, 2015, Dr. Steffen Haack has been appointed to the executive board. He will be assuming responsibility for the Industrial Applications business unit, of which he is currently president. He will also be in charge of Bosch Rexroth sales. Until the end of August 2014, the 48-year-old was chairman of the management board of Bosch Solar Energy.