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With or without control cabinet: Intelligent pump control via multi Ethernet

With the appropriate pressure and flow rate adjustment for hydraulic pumps, Rexroth significantly improves the control quality and energy efficiency of fluid technology. The control cabinet-based Hydraulic Pump Control (HPC) control electronics and SY(H)DFED fully integrated into the valve fit into a wide rage of automation structures through a multi Ethernet interface. The IndraWorks trans-technology engineering environment simplifies commissioning with software assistants and predefined technology functions.


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More computing power for higher productivity

OEMs increasingly relocate more functions into software. The available computing power of the control hardware is a decisive parameter for possible range of functions and shorter cycle times. With the upgrade to IndraControl L75 with a multi-core processor, Bosch Rexroth increases the performance of the control hardware by more than 25 percent at the same price in comparison to IndraControl L65. With this, the motion logic systems can increase their productivity further.


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Bosch Rexroth focuses on digital assistance functions

With networked automation solutions and digital assistance systems, Bosch Rexroth is putting the focus on people in Industry 4.0. At Hannover Messe 2016 the company will showcase solutions for intelligent integration of assembly stations in the versatile production.


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Hägglunds motors at Usina Ferrari in Brazil – After six harvest cycles still like new

Hägglunds Usina Ferrari in Brazil

In 2008, the Brazilian agricultural company Usina Ferrari commissioned a new milling tandem with 16 Hägglunds motors from Bosch Rexroth in its home plant in Pirassununga.


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ActiveMover: Quick precision movement

With workpiece pallet changeover up to ten times as fast, Rexroth's new ActiveMover transfer system significantly increases productivity in short cycle applications. Linear motors with an integrated measuring system position the sturdy workpiece pallets very precisely on a closed type trackway using a powerful drive that provides a force of up to 160 N.


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Ready to go: the GFT 8000 transmission unit series from Rexroth is quickly available and ready to install

The series production of all nine frame sizes for the new HYDROTRAC GFT 8000 transmission units has begun at Bosch Rexroth. The modular series combines two and three-stage planetary gearboxes with axial piston motors to create an individually customizable drive package for far-traveling mobile working machines. The GFT 8000s, which are available from stock, can be compactly installed in wheel, chain and roller-driven construction machines.


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Simple parameterization of the fan speed control

Today's exhaust gas emission regulations increase the demands on cooling capacity in combustion engines in on-highway and off-highway vehicles by up to 40 percent. Hydrostatic fan drives from Rexroth supply this additional performance on demand while saving installation space. The newly developed AFC30 control solution from the BODAS electronic modular system by Rexroth requires only a simple parameterization. The fan speed control, which works on demand, reduces fuel consumption by up to five percent.


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Efficient hydrostatic travel drives, quickly applied

The axial piston variable pump A30VG enables short engineering times for hydrostatic travel drives thanks to its full compatibility with the mobile electronics range from Rexroth and well-proven standard software for the EP control concept. The pump incorporated into the product range is suitable for wheel and travel drives with two hydraulically separate circuits and can therefore function as a hydraulic self-locking differential.