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That's how it is: six surprising capabilities of modern hydraulics

Simply exchangeable: Ready-to-install servo-hydraulic axe

Anyone gaining only a superfluous familiarity with fluid technology will easily underestimate the performance and intelligence of modern hydraulics. Who would think that this technology is highly precise, energy-efficient, and ready today for Industry 4.0 applications? Here are six capabilities of a strong drive technology, which probably come as a surprise for many:


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As if by magic

As if by magic

The Terex® Gottwald automated guided vehicles built by Terex Port Solutions move containers around the port area, transporting payloads of up to 70 tons between the quay and the storage areas – and entirely without a driver. The Düsseldorf-based manufacturer chose the scalable and programmable HNC100-3x axis control, made by Rexroth, to achieve precise hydraulic steering for the vehicles.


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Step by step

The Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) contracted with Bosch Rexroth to carry out the general inspection, required by law, and the overhaul of the hydraulic components in a total of 17 diesel trains.


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Logic from the construction kit: Digital and analog position monitoring can now be combined for the first time

With its actively controllable 2/2 directional cartridge valves LC2A-1X in conjunction with logic covers from the standard program, Bosch Rexroth opens up a virtually unlimited variety of functions in hydraulics. Thanks to the integration of an analog sensor in addition to digital position monitoring, users can exactly sense and evaluate the valve position. The modular structure reduces the engineering and assembly effort as well as cost of circuit modifications and repairs.


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Industry 4.0 finds way into practice

With the networkable CNC system solution IndraMotion MTX from Rexroth, the first manufacturers and end users of machine tools are already starting to implement Industry 4.0 concepts. The spectrum ranges from new, wireless operating devices with tailored apps to the networking of entire production lines, resulting in increased availability, productivity and energy efficiency.


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Configurable linear motion systems and ball screw assemblies in just a few days

Rexroth is expanding the GoTo Europe Focused Delivery Program with its short delivery times to configurable linear motion systems and ball screw assemblies. The manufacturer guarantees shipment of the individually assembled modules from the factory after a maximum of ten working days. The Focused Delivery Program is comprised of the configurations that customers order most often.


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Automation of Measuring and Testing Machines in One Step

National Instruments and Bosch Rexroth have introduced a perfectly-matched control and drive solution at this year's NIWeek conference. The advantages of the control hardware CompactRIO and the programming environment LabVIEW are combined with dynamic servo technology.


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Bosch Rexroth to secure the future of its Mobile Applications business unit

Bosch Rexroth is securing the long-term viability of its Mobile Applications business unit. For this purpose, the company plans a cost cutting program totaling 450 million euros.