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Rapid prototype and small series production: the Bosch Rexroth foundry manufactures molds using 3-D printing

Through customized cast cores made with 3D printers, the Bosch Rexroth Foundry reduced delivery time

Be they replacement parts for older cars or engines, prototypes for new products, or small batches, the Bosch Rexroth foundry accelerates casting component production using 3-D printers.


Corporate Information

Bosch Rexroth is growing in difficult environment

According to preliminary figures, Bosch Rexroth was able to increase sales on a comparable basis by 3.5 percent to 5.6 billion euros in the fiscal year 2014. Bosch Rexroth has thus successfully overcome the declining trend of 2013.


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Intelligent hydraulics fit for Industry 4.0

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 as vision of the future. From a pure automation point of view, it is not about an imminent revolution, but about an evolutionary development, which is ready for networking already today. In current Motion Controls and Motion Logic Systems for hydraulics, Rexroth already integrated numerous functions in software, which used to be controlled purely hydromechanically in the past. The specialties of fluid power technology are automatically compensated for. The decentralized controls perform their duties on their own and communicate with higher-level controls and master systems via open communication interfaces.


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Putting more power to the road

About a ten percent increase in drive train performance for mobile working machines is achieved by the new HYDROTRAC GFT 8000 transmission units. In this series, based on a modular design, Rexroth is combining two- and three-stage planetary gearing with axial piston motors to match the needs of mobile working machines that are often on the road. An optional internal brake reduces the amount of installation space needed and satisfies the safety specifications for worldwide roadworthiness certification.


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Intelligent hydraulic power units: Networkable and energy-efficient

The new hydraulic power unit series ABPAC from Rexroth fully reflects electrification and Industry 4.0. Being provided with decentralized intelligence and optional sensor packages, the power units continuously acquire all operational states and communicate via open interfaces with higher control levels or authorized smartphones and tablet PCs. Variable-speed pump drives Sytronix cut energy consumption by up to 80 percent.


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Low noise, high power

The Swedish hydroelectric plant Grytfors now generates its power much more quietly, thanks to a low-noise power unit by Rexroth with a capacity of 2,200 liters and a total power of 105 kilowatts. During a complete modernization of the turbine facility the company Voith Hydro integrated it into the power plant, to bring it into line with the latest Swedish safety standards.



5 things we can do without in the industry by 2025

Technical Retrofitting

In ten years, the world of production will be completely different. Many of the technologies and workflows taken for granted today, will only be memories. Here are five things that will most probably be history in 2025.


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Competitive edge thanks to unique process functions

Rexroth achieves a new degree of freedom for mechanical engineering with the interface technology Open Core Interface. To Open Core Engineering, an engineering framework for PLC automation, this interface adds high-level language programming with enhanced access to the core of the control system. This enables machine manufacturers to create individual functions without additional hardware, clearly setting them apart from the competition.