Variable-speed pump drives - Sytronix

  • Sytronix product range for customized solutions
  • Products with excellent dynamics and closed-loop accuracy
  • Pre-configured solutions for standard applications
  • Industry-specific consulting and technical support
  • Global presence and support

Individually configured systems

Apart from the pre-configured systems of the series FcP, DRn, DFEn as well as SvP, the Sytronix product range also offers individual solutions.

These systems can be planned and configured by combining modules and individual components, using questionnaires on application criteria and system parameters, in collaboration with Rexroth specialists.


  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Power limitation
  • Time-saving and risk minimization due to user-guided system design
  • Provisioning of data for amortization calculation
  • Rapid commissioning due to automatic motor measurement and commissioning dialogs

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