Pressure control systems

  • Pressure control

For pressure control systems, two Sytronix systems are available which differ considerably in the principle of operation and in applications. FcP is a smart solution, especially with small to medium performance if there are high requirements regarding noise emission. DRn is a powerful, dynamic and cost-effective solution for large drive power from approx. 4 kW. It uses the frequency converter to detect the condition of the motor and the pump and sets the perfect speed. By unloading the motor in stand-by operation, high overload capacity is achieved. In combination with DRG pumps, you can also realize several pressure ratings.

FcP 5020 is based on the robust frequency converter EFC 5610 and has been optimized for small power units. Using the quiet internal gear pump PGF or PGH, lower operating noises can also be achieved without enclosure. Sensors like level switches, oil temperature and filter monitoring of the power unit can be directly connected at the frequency converter and evaluated. This reduces the necessary cabling and accelerates the installation o the power unit in the machine.

DRn has been designed for pressure control systems and is a symbiosis of variable-speed drive and variable displacement pump. In partial load operation, the pump is able to reduce the torque at the motor by reduction of the swivel angle and the drive reduces the speed so that the power consumption is optimized. The variable displacement pump moreover makes sure that no braking resistance is required and that thus, the energy efficiency and the installation space can be optimized. As standard pumps DR or DRG controllers are used, the system is perfectly suited for retrofitting.


  • Preferred system for power output from 0.4 to 18.5 kW.
    Apart from that, FcP can be used if DRn cannot be used, e.g. for noise reasons.
  • Particularly low operating noise thanks to the use of internal gear pumps.
  • Apart from the Sytronix functionality, FcP 5020 on the basis of the frequency converter EFC 5610 offers monitoring of the sensors at the power unit.
  • 1-quadrant operation
  • Integrated pump guard function
  • Nominal power 4 to 160 kW
  • Easy and powerful solution for energy-saving pressure control systems
  • 1-quadrant operation
  • "Safety on Board", motor-auto tuning

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