BODAS tools

Supplementing our controller and display program we can offer a wide range of tools for service and development. The portfolio includes not only software tools for parameterization and programming of controllers but also development accessories for diagnosis and simulation.

Updates also for BODAS tools in the phase-out program you will receive on request: info.bodas@boschrexroth.de

  • PC software for service and commissioning
  • Set parameters on BODAS controllers without any programming knowledge
  • Access to error memories and diagnosis information
  • Comfortable parametrization of BODAS standard solutions with guided commissioning
  • Easy optimization of machine parameters
  • A windows-based PC software for service and commissioningof Rexroth devices:– BODAS controllers RC/40-Family and– directional valves SB24EHS, SB34EHS and EHR-24EHS series 2x
  • Application areaService repair shops, service technicians, R&D departments and manufacturing plants of OEMs and BoschRexroth AG, system integrators
  • Development environment for the programming of application software for BODAS controllers
  • Programming languages of the IEC61131-3 standard
  • Quick and efficient application software development
  • Integrated simulation and debugging functions
  • Optimal for adjustment development of ASopen and ASlib products
  • Programming interface for the development of application software for BODAS controllers
  • C-Application programming interface
  • Easy transfer of programs written in C to BODAS controllers
  • Incl. library with predefined controller functions
  • Configured for optimum actuation of the Rexroth hydraulic components
  • Break-out box for commissioning or machine diagnostics
  • Easy measurement of all controller's inputs and outputs
  • For use at the operator's place or at the harness of the machines
  • Feed in of external signals
  • Fault simulation via disconnection and connection of contacts
  • Universal test box for BODAS RC controllers
  • Access to controller interfaces
  • Simulation of controller input and output signals
  • For the development of application software at the workplace
  • Integrated frequency generators

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