Cam roller guide LF6S

  • Fully assembled cam roller guide
  • Stroke and trolley length can be individually selected
  • Rail profile screwed onto strut profile 45x60
  • Incl. toothed belt drive; additional notes on the drive concept
  • Components for individual assembly of Cam Roller Guides with a drive
  • Guide profile LF6S with integrated guide rods
  • Installation on MGE strut profiles with 10 mm slot or directly on a flat surface
  • Sliding block as a centering aid for mounting the guide profile in a 10 mm profile slot
  • Guide bearing for trolley construction
  • Guiding via guide rod
  • Rollers with ball bearings, permanently lubricated
  • Lubricating felts with guide rod lubrication reservoir
  • Play-free roller adjustment via eccentric bolts
  • Trolley profile for the construction of trolley LF6S
  • Cover cap for trolley profile LF6S
  • For use on trolleys which are not driven by a toothed belt
  • Drive head for transferring drive torque to a toothed belt
  • For direct mounting of a motor or (in conjunction with a center shaft) for mounting a hollow shaft gear or a coupling
  • Mounted with end connector directly on profile 45x60
  • Profile finishing: LF blind hole drilling for longitudinal end connector
  • Return head for tensioning the toothed belt and changing its direction
  • Mounted directly on profile using longitudinal end connector
  • Profile finishing: LF blind hole drilling for longitudinal end connector
  • Belt connector for fixing the toothed belt on the front of the trolley
  • All connecting parts for mounting on the trolley profile LF6S are included
  • Toothed belt as a trolley drive
  • Pitch: AT5

Subject to change, status 2019-02-13 11:42:00