Accessories for protective devices

  • Counterbalance
  • For lifting doors comprising a deflection pulley and control cable
  • Counterweight individually adjustable and preferably guided in a cable duct
  • Length of cable can be adjusted
  • Service life: 50,000 actuations
  • For damping impact and noise on doors, flaps, and covers
  • Can be used, for example, on covers, drawers, or doors
  • Machining: drilled holes for fixing
  • The magnet catch prevents doors and flaps from banging or being unintentionally opened
  • Elongated holes to compensate for different surface element thicknesses
  • For arresting doors made of profile frames and for bridging door gaps
  • Suitable for profiles with modular dimensions 40 mm, 45 mm, and 50 mm
  • Locking also possible with varying profile spacing
  • Ball catch for doors and flaps
  • For sliding and swing doors
  • For doors with or without frames
  • Elongated hole to adjust for differing spacing
  • Suitable for use under clean room conditions

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