Components for ESD applications

ESD – Electro Static Discharge

Components which, due to their electrical properties and inner structure, are damaged or destroyed by static discharge also cause economic losses running into millions of euros each year.

You can use Rexroth components for ESD applications to protect your products from this type of damage.

Look for the ESD mark when selecting products.

  • Set of grounding components for defined grounding of ESD workstations
  • Grounding cable to create defined conductive paths between strut profiles in order to protect ESD-sensitive components
  • Potential fix for defined grounding of surface elements such as side panels
  • ESD mat insert for protecting ESD-sensitive components
  • To create a safe, conductive connection, e.g. to ESD material shelves, we recommend using adhesive copper tape
  • Wrist band for defined grounding of people and protection of ESD-sensitive components
  • Connection piece for connecting the wrist band to the profile construction
  • Potential equalizer for creating electrostatic conduction between surface elements and strut profiles

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