• Convenient assembly with the appropriate tool
  • Very compact assembly tool for use in constricted spaces to insert and remove the chain pin
  • Simple overhead two-hand assembly is also always guaranteed
  • A hexagon on the spindle makes it possible to use a cordless screwdriver
  • PTFE spray for reducing friction and noise emission
  • Assembly tool to easily and effortlessly clip the slide rail into the section profile
  • The drilling jig can be right- or left-justified and is used to drill an accurately positioned hole to secure the slide rail both on the section profile as well as on the support profile.
  • The slide rail can be easily and quickly cut to the correct length and angle with the miter cutter.
  • Crank-operated bending tool (A, without set of rollers) for bending profiles.
  • Roller set adjusted to fit the profile rail for lateral guidance of transported material.
  • We do not recommend that you attempt to bend the lateral guides yourself. Please contact your Bosch Rexroth distribution partner.
  • Tool for setting the customer-specific torque of the optionally available safety coupling of the drive kit.

Subject to change, status 2021-03-08 10:05:29