Pressure control systems

  • Pressure control

For pressure control systems, two Sytronix systems are available which differ considerably in the principle of operation and in applications. FcP is a smart solution, especially with small to medium performance if there are high requirements regarding noise emission. DRn is a powerful, dynamic and cost-effective solution for large drive power from 4 kW. It uses the frequency converter to detect the condition of the motor and the pump and sets the perfect speed. By unloading the motor in stand-by operation, high overload capacity is achieved. In combination with DRG pumps, you can also realize several pressure ratings.

  • Preferred system for power output from 0.4 to 18.5 kW.
  • Particularly low operating noise thanks to the use of internal gear pumps.
  • Apart from the Sytronix functionality, FcP 5020 on the basis of the frequency converter EFC 5610 offers monitoring of the sensors at the power unit.
  • Integrated pump guard function
  • Also available as a complete solution with control cabinet
  • Nominal power 4 to 160 kW
  • Easy and powerful solution for energy-saving pressure control systems
  • "Safety on Board", motor-auto tuning
  • Ideal for retrofit
  • Also available as a complete solution with control cabinet

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