p/Q, F/x axis control systems

  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Position control
  • Force control

The new control section generation of SvP 7020 opens up new possibilities for Sytronix such as Industry 4.0, Open Core Engineering and remote maintenance. Utilize the advantages of these customized, compact solutions which can be easily installed and commissioned: In this way, you not only reduce noise in the smallest spaces but also achieve higher dynamics with up to 80 % energy saving.


SvP system

Sytronix type SvP (servo-variable pump drive) 7020 drive systems consist of a motor-pump unit driven by a synchronous servo motor with permanent magnet and servo control. In the Sytronix product family, Sytronix SvP offers the highest dynamic performance and closed-loop accuracy as well as the broadest range of functionalities: from pressure control and alternating pressure/flow control to the alternating position and force control.

The SvP 7020 system can be configured for required communication interfaces by exchanging the CSH or CSB control part. The command and actual values for pressure, flow and position can be adjusted and monitored by a superior machine control using either an analog interface or an industry standard bus interface, thus providing an easy and flexible integration into machine control systems.



Using an internal gear pump of type PGH, the required flow is directly regulated by the motor speed. The pumps are optimized for variable-speed operation and achieve a high overall efficiency due to low leakage, and operate with minimum noise development. In operation, sensors measure pressure, actuator position and the servo motor speed. These values are used by the servo control. The command values which are set by the machine control are compared by the IndraDrive according to the system requirements with the setting of the pump drive speed.


  • Nominal power 9 to 80 kW
  • Maximum system pressure with PGH pump up to 350 bar, with A10 up to 315 bar
  • Suitable for axis control in open and closed hydraulic systems
  • 2- or 4-quadrant operation

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