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Oil treatment

Oil treatment

Effective hydraulic fluid filtration can make a dramatic improvement in the performance, longevity and efficient operation of your hydraulic systems.

Oil care systems – Reducing fluid costs by longer service life

Reliably achieving the maximum service life

As with passenger cars, the oil exchange intervals have been extended from formerly 5,000 to 20,000 kilometers and more. With hydraulic and lubricating oil applications, however, such service life extension has not established itself, yet although it can be easily achieved: With oil treatment systems of Rexroth, hydraulic media endure up to seven times longer life and provide perfect protection for your system.

The importance of oil cleanliness in industrial hydraulic products

The central component in any hydraulic system is oil. Impurity and contamination can adversely affect your operation, resulting in potentially expensive damage and costly downtime. In fact, three quarters of all problems can be traced to contamination.

Maintaining oil cleanliness is the easiest way to ensure production line operates optimally. A highly effective filtration system will allow you to maximize time between maintenance intervals and can lead to a faster return on investment. In Bosch Rexroth’s hydraulic filtration solutions, you will find everything you need to keep your hydraulic system’s oil in good operational condition.