• Break-out box for commissioning or machine diagnostics
  • Easy measurement of all controller's inputs and outputs
  • For use at the operator's place or at the harness of the machines
  • Feed in of external signals
  • Fault simulation via disconnection and connection of contacts
  • Universal test box for BODAS RC controllers
  • Access to controller interfaces
  • Simulation of controller input and output signals
  • For the development of application software at the workplace
  • Integrated frequency generators
  • CAN-USB Interface (Vehicle Communication Interface)
  • BODAS-service Connecting cable (CAN + RS232)
  • Diagnostics connector (8-pin)
  • Configured wiring harness with connector 154-Pin for RC28-14/30, RC20-10/30, RC12-10/30, RC36-20/30

Subject to change, status 2020-06-08 16:06:00