Automation powered by BODAS

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The future will be assisted and autonomous

The future of construction, agricultural, mining and municipal vehicles will consist of powerful assistance functions up to fully autonomous operations.

Automation that really works

1. Ready-to-go solutions
Assistance functions that go beyond just a piece of software. Perfect interaction between joysticks, display, telematics, control units and electric and hydraulic actuators delivers real value.

2. Intuitive from the very first minute
We think in holistic human machine interfaces with thought-out user experience. Operators love our intuitive optic and haptic operator feedback concept.

3. Open to your operations philosophy
Every vehicle manufacturer has its own brand feeling. Keep it. Enhance it. Our solutions are open and scalable.

4. Fully integrated into digital workflows
Automation functions on demand, over-the-air updates to entire fleets, ERP data integration – automation goes beyond the vehicle itself.

  • Continuously developed open, configurable automation solution suite for compact excavators
  • Harmonized software and hardware bundle, resulting in outstandingly intuitive user experience for operators

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