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myRexroth – your single entry point for all eBusiness at Rexroth

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The new myRexroth portal provides all online services through one convenient and secure portal – the fast and easy way to do online shopping at Bosch Rexroth.

As we’re integrating all our Rexroth web applications into one central platform, we are introducing myRexroth – it will be your single entry point for all information you previously had on our eShop.

Your advantages:

  • A faster, more secure and Bosch-wide uniform authentication.
  • No need to remember a username, just login with your email.

To access myRexroth:

1) Current account holders:

Please reactivate your existing Rexroth eShop account by following these steps . If you were previously registered on our eShop site, you must use the same email address you originally registered with to ensure all account permissions are reactivated.

2) New accounts:

If you were not previously registered on our eShop site, please follow these steps to register .


If you are unsure of the email address you had originally used, or if you have technical questions, please email

Once your current eShop account has been reactivated or a new account has been registered, you can login myRexroth by clicking on the myRexroth icon on Rexroth website .