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Dates and Agenda

Rexroth overview

  • Rexroth – Look to the Future
  • Examples of research and development
  • Relevant product highlights

Sytronix energy saving drives

  • Understanding the basics of how flow and pressure are controlled in a hydraulic pump
  • Looking at energy efficiency and where it is lost or gained in a pump motor group
  • Understanding the Sytronix drive concept
  • Understanding the application of Sytronix
  • Examples and measured energy results of systems operating in North America

Design of the hydraulic system

  • The use of DFEn5000 and SVP7000 technology and where it fits
  • Closed or open loop hydraulic circuits possibilities
  • Intelligence of Sytronix and what it means to you

At the test bench

  • View a operating DFEn5000 pump motor group
  • See live energy consumption in standard and Sytronix mode
  • Force control from the DFEn5000 system
  • Flow control from the DFEn5000 system
  • Electronic horsepower limitation
  • Leakage compensation and monitoring capabilities
  • View the operating software live and discuss system requirements
  • View commissioning procedures of the DFEn5000 system