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Who should attend and how it can help you

Sytronix energy saving hydraulic drives

Who should attend

From the end-user level, plant engineers, maintenance supervisors and energy managers. From the OEM or Integrator, engineering and design staff as well as sales. Consultants working in the energy field will benefit as well.

How it can help you

Attendees will benefit from exposure to new technologies in hydraulic drives and pump motor groups, such as Sytronix DFEn 5000 systems and SVP7000 high performance hydraulic drives. Discussion of proper application, sizing and expected energy savings will be covered along with control options, field commissioning and support. Participate in test bench demonstrations of a cutting edge hydraulic drive and view the software and control structure along with real-time energy comparisons of a operating pump motor group. An open atmosphere of discussion will provide you with information that will be valuable in your energy management and preventative maintenance programs as well as enhance your ability to design extremely efficient and intelligent hydraulic system.