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Carton erector

Carton erector

How it works

The carton is taken from the magazine with the help of pneumatic exhausters and is then deposited into a pocket of the conveyor synchronously with the sequencer. Thanks to the cam disk function, pre-cut parts are taken over synchronously. The pre-cut parts are held in the timing chain, transported to the forming station and glued with the aid of electronically controlled nozzles.

The carton is given its form in the forming station. To that end, the bottom part must be pressed down through a guide. The side parts are bent up mechanically, and the glued parts are pressed together. Today’s cartons are latched rather than glued.

Our benefits for your machine

  • High-speed cam controller with dead time compensation for precise piloting of the vacuum exhausters and glue nozzles
  • Process-optimization that can be changed online, e.g. when taking pre-cut parts thanks to motion profiles
  • Productivity Agent for detecting wrongly erected or jammed cartons