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How it works

The shown palletizer is controlled via 3 axles (X,Y,Z) and allows for a three-dimensional product arrangement. The course of the track and the kinetic framework conditions can be predefined or calculated by the SPS according to the pallet pattern and external influencing factors. The portal axles are controlled by the Robot-Control (RoCo). The RoCo motion planer coordinates the movement of all portal axles.

Further axles, such as infeed and removal axles, are controlled by the integrated SPS. Thanks to optimum space utilization by the portal palletizer, the pallets are removed directly behind the grabber. The short travel distances allow for maximum cycle numbers and, at the same time, optimum space utilization.ts are grouped by multi-pass belts before they are filled into a box. This procedure is applied for both top loading and side loading machines. Two separately driven, parallel chains or belts each carry a train with connected pockets. Full trains are unloaded at the unloading station and then promptly return to the loading station.

Once all pockets have been filled, the loaded train runs to the unloading station where the products are filled into cartons or repositioned by a robot. Applications with three chains and two trains per chain are also possible, depending on the number of pockets and product throughput.

Our benefits for your machine

RobotControl (RoCo) with motion planer for optimized motion control

Parameterizable workspace surveillance

Wizard-based kinematics parameterization