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How it works

A belt carries the products that are primarily packed by an upstream machine unit to the carton filling machine. The flat pre-cut folding boxes are extracted from the magazine by means of pneumatic exhausters, erected and transported to the carton conveyor belt in open condition. When the cartons are erected, servo motors allow for format changes to the cartons almost without standstill times.

In a next step at the filling station, the products are side loaded into the open cartons. The position-controlled timing chain ensures infeed of empty cartons and removal and transport of the filled cartons to the palletizerrrect distance. A knife cuts the drawn film to the exact length before it is placed on top of a group of containers. A servo-controlled mechanism ensures that the container bundles are enclosed in film all around. The container bundles are heated in the adjacent shrink tunnel. This process ensures the typical, very stable packaging form.

Our benefits for your machine

Reduced cabling and control cabinet expenses with IndraDrive Mi

Maximum productivity thanks to adjusted motion profiles

Productivity Agent for detecting wrongly erected or jammed cartons