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Get faster changeovers, reduce waste, and make productive, sustainable use of all your materials with the next-generation packaging technology that only Bosch Rexroth can offer.

Bosch Rexroth puts the power of distributed intelligence to work for you, leveraging the performance and unique value of electronic and hydraulic disciplines to deliver a dramatic impact on the manufacturing issues you deal with every day:


Uptime – Sophisticated predictive maintenance, advanced diagnostics, lower maintenance requirements, automated changeovers, and safer and more durable components keeps production moving with fewer routine or unexpectedly catastrophic halts.

Productivity – Beyond greater uptime and decreased downtime, Rexroth components give you advantages in speed, precision, and capacity—allowing you to do more, faster, with less waste.

Ease of Use – A consistent graphical interface, a common look and feel, and sophisticated capabilities make setup, changeovers, adjustments, training, troubleshooting—just about everything—easier to operators.

Connectivity – Create factory networks using standard protocols to simplify linking mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic functions—all in a framework that conforms to OMAC guidelines.

Reduced Cost – Everything Rexroth designs and builds combines to reduce costs—from higher reliability and productivity to less maintenance and faster changeovers.