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Reduced Costs


Sustainable packaging is smart packaging. Bosch Rexroth brings a higher level of intelligence to packaging and processing machines and equipment—enough smarts to save you money. In a brutally competitive global marketplace, we help you lower costs in almost every area. Here are just some of the ways:

  • Faster cycle times and higher throughput
  • Faster commissioning
  • Faster setup and automated changeovers
  • Simpler, intuitive controls
  • Less downtime through predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostics
  • Reliable components for longer service life
  • Smarter operation for self-adjusting capabilities
  • Efficient intermachine and intramachine synchronization
  • More production flexibility
  • Fewer mechanical parts for less wear and tear, adjustments, and breakage
  • Less scrap
  • Open communications for interoperability, control, and information gathering
  • Easier integration of electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics

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