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System overview

System overview of IndraMotion MLD and IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion - System overview

Using IndraMotion ensures that you will always have the technically and economically optimal solution for your specific implementation. Depending on the desired control topologie and general funtions, you have a choise of three complete solutions with a high scalability.

Technical Data IndraMotion MLD

The decentralized, drive-based solution for use with a maximum of 8 axes and limited total functionality.

With integrated PLC and safety technology according to EN 954-1, Cat.3

Technical Data IndraMotion MLC

The compact control-based solution for centralized or decentralized architectures with a maximum of 16 axes per control and mid-level general functions. Up to 64 controlers, even with advanced systems, are able to be linked using Ethernet and Master Axis cross communication.