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Logging and Sawmills

Maximum yield, minimum wear and tear: Bosch Rexroth makes sawmills efficient

Logging and sawmills

The demands placed on logging and sawmill machines are high: They must be easy to operate, make optimum use of the material, and withstand complex movements. At the same time, buyers are also looking for durability and low energy consumption. Bosch Rexroth offers high-performance components and multi-technology systems for logging and sawmill machines that are reliable even in the harshest conditions.

Bosch Rexroth's portfolio includes electric drives and control technology, linear motion, assembly technologies and hydraulics - all relevant technologies for increasing productivity and achieving energy efficiency in logging and sawmills.

The Solution for Greater Energy Efficiency - Sytronix: Intelligent Power on Demand

Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drives combine the reliability of powerful hydraulics with the efficiency of electronics that provides energy savings of up to 80%, along with such benefits as lower noise emission (as much as 20dB).

By combining the advantages of hydraulics with the control intelligence of electrical drives, motor speeds can be continuously adjusted to match the machine’s requirements. Providing you the right amount of power only when you need it and at quieter operating levels when the process requires less than full performance.


Idaho Mill gets high tech makeover:

The Idaho sawmill of Woodgrain Millwork is definitely on the upswing, thanks to a high tech makeover with equipment from HewSaw and Bosch Rexroth. The new HewSaw SL250 2.2 multi-side breakdown line is now a centrepiece of the Idaho sawmill of Woodgrain Millwork, with the system now handling up to 16-foot logs vs. the past 12-foot log length.

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Sytronix delivers productivity and energy efficiency to the Wood Industry:

Bosch's expertise in Sytronix applications for the wood industry are key in creating the largest and one of the most energy efficient Sytronix Hydraulic power units in North America.

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