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Two and Three Axis Joystick Controller

Joystick Controller

Two and Three Axis Joystick Controller


The Rexroth 140 is a modular system incorporating an "arm rest" module with function switches for on/off hydraulic functions, a "joystick" module for activation of plow, wing and dump box hydraulics, an optional "440 spreader controller" module and optional 6 or 9 switch modules. The modules are interfaced as a single console and are pedestal mounted next to the drivers seat, allowing the driver easy, comfortable access to all controls.

  • Two or three axis joystick control
  • Customized light-switch configurations
  • Optional integrated spreader control
  • Padded armrest with access to additional function switches
  • Active valve nulling for simplified commissioning
  • Up to 16 high current outputs
  • Full current protection up to 10A per channel, 100A per console
  • Pre-wired console with easy to connect output cables
  • Fully backlit status display
  • Function or mode indicators
  • Custom legends available