Access to myRexroth

Why doesn't my login work?

There may be various reasons for this. If you haven't used your access data for a longer period of time, it is probably necessary to change the password for security reasons before you can use myRexroth. If you entered an incorrect password several times, access is blocked for security reasons. If another person used your access data and reset or changed the password, then you can no longer use the old login data. With the access data to a specific tool such as the eShop, for example, you do not automatically get access to myRexroth. Please contact your partner advisor if you are seeking access to myRexroth or other areas in myRexroth.

How can I give colleagues in my company access?

Should several people in your organization require access to myRexroth, please contact your central contact partner, who will directly assign these employees to your company along with the appropriate rights and roles after the self-registration ("register yourself").