General use

How does the search work?

When you enter a term in the search field in myRexroth, our search engine searches all the information in the protected area (full text search). You do not receive any results from the public area of the website. You can narrow down the search results using the options on the left. If you select one of these options, this will appear as selected in the dark blue box at the top left. The selected options are added up as if you entered all of the terms, thus narrowing down the list of results. Any term can naturally be individually removed again by clicking on the "x" to the right. Other search features can be found under Search in myRexroth.

How can I find language versions or translations of the information and documents?

If you need information in a different language, you can first simply search for the corresponding document or file. If it has an alternative language version, you will find this directly in the detailed view under the menu item "Related Translations" where you can click on it. You do not need to switch to an alternative language on the website. If translations are available, the menu item "Related Translations" will appear.