How do I enter search terms?

Search terms can simply be entered and separated by spaces. If you enter several terms, these are linked by "or". This means: by entering price list and service, for example, myRexroth will then find all the information containing the term "Price List" or the term "Service". If you want to shorten the number of search results by combining properties, it is best to select the filter options (LINK) on the left. You can also use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase consisting of several words, for example "Hanover Fair 2017".

How do I find media?

In myRexroth you will find various media types, such as price lists, delivery times, sales packages, brochures, newsletters, or data sheets. We have therefore set up our own media filter group that allows you to select specific media types. You can find this on the left under the heading "Media Types". When you select one of the specified types, only this type will be displayed in the search results. You can find more filter functions below under "How do the filters work" (LINK).