• Scalable: From a drive-integrated solution to complete safety control
  • Compactness – in the control cabinet and in the machine
  • Certified libraries and function blocks
  • Open standards and connectivity via common communication and safety protocols
  • Long-term availability and ease of maintenance

ctrlX SAFETY is the most responsive and most compact safety solution of its kind. It is a compact safety controller that can be used in a scalable and tailor-made manner – from the drive-integrated SafeMotion solution in ctrlX DRIVEplus to the complete safety control ctrlX SAFETY. The advantages are flexible usability, very high safety (highest safety cat. 4, PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 according to EN 62061) as well as efficient engineering through graphic programming of the safety PLC.

With ctrlX SAFETY, integration into machines is possible in the smallest installation spaces thanks to reduced reaction times. The comprehensively certified safety technology allows an efficient machine acceptance. ctrlX SAFETY can be integrated into almost every ecosystem thanks to the support of the most common safe fieldbus protocols. It allows the realization of modular safety concepts with a secure cross communication. The system can be integrated into an existing automation topology.



  • Drive-integrated safety solution - extensive safety functions up to SIL3
  • Reaction time of < 10ms via local safe I/O and ctrlX SAFETYlink
  • Open standards and connectivity: Easy integration into various ecosystems
  • High level of variance in safety functions and selection methods
  • Long-term availability and diagnosability
  • Compact design / compactness – in the control cabinet and in the machine
  • FSoE master and slave, up to 32 FSoE slaves per master
  • Open standards and connectivity
  • Flexibility due to various interfaces
  • Efficient engineering

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