VarioFlow plus ESD system

  • Components and parts suitable for use in an EPA (ESD Protected Area – electrostatic sensitive area)
  • Conductive components
  • Dissipative connection technology
  • Size: 65 and 90
  • Max. speed: 30 m/min
  • Extremely quiet chain running thanks to the patented chain design
  • Easy assembly - simply clip onto the section profile
  • Secured against axial shifting due to lateral bolting
  • The curve wheel AL ESD provides a horizontal direction change for the conveyor chain
  • It enables low-friction direction changes with very small radii
  • Driving several superimposed basic curve wheel units is easily implemented via the integrated hexagonal hollow shafts
  • Ball bearing made of non-rusting steel (1.4301), with seal on both sides and FDA-compliant grease filling
  • Side elements with slot to attach holders for lateral guides, or similar
  • The kit enables the simple connection of the STS basic unit head, connection drive, as well as the return unit with the aluminum system
  • A holder STS support

    J holder STS drive

    B strut profile

    C base plate

Subject to change, status 2021-03-08 12:05:44