EcoFlow Individual Parts

Assembly line operations are normally divided among multiple workstations. Besides making these workstations ergonomic, assembly line designers must also ensure that the various jobs and workstations are linked together in a way that maximizes efficiency and economy. Workers do not have to carry loads. At the same time, investment in this linking remains low, since the EcoFlow conveyor tracks work without any electric drive systems or controllers.

You can procure these conveyor tracks either fully assembled or as single components for self-assembly. A range of conveyor media allows you to adapt the conveyor tracks in an ideal way to your goods: Cardboard boxes and blister packs are carried on full-width plastic or steel rollers, or you may choose to use slide sections. Its high level of stability also makes EcoFlow ideal for transporting heavy loads.

To complete your system, you may add accessories such as stop gates for positioning materials at the workstation, or ball rollers for creating branch-offs and curves. All EcoFlow components are designed for use in combination with the products in Rexroth’s MPS and MGE programs.

The system is fully ESD-compatible and may be used in ESD-sensitive areas.

  • Roller carrier with defined distances for a maximum of 5 rollers
  • Full-width rollers available in plastic, steel or stainless steel
  • Section profile with 10 mm groove on underside for mounting on strut profiles
  • Guide profile for clipping to section profile with border on outside or inside. This allows for different conveyor track widths while using the same rollers. Available as ESD-conductive version
  • Rail holder for suspension on the tubular cross tie: preferably used in flow rack systems or at workstations for supplying materials in the accessory upright
  • Stop plates suitable for conveyor tracks that are used to manually link workstations, for example
  • For fast and simple construction of conveyor tracks using strut profiles with 8 or 10 mm slot. Can also be used in the 10 mm slot of the EcoFlow section profile
  • Suitable for retrofitting rollers without having to disassemble the frame. The roller distance is variable.
  • Cap
  • Ball roller
  • Transverse conveyor
  • Corner piece
  • Stop

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