EcoShape Tubular Framing System

  • EcoShape – The tubular framing system for new dimensions

The 19 standard components are designed in accordance with the poka yoke principle, making them quick to assemble and prohibiting any faulty connections. The assembly line can be improved and expanded at any time in line with the kaizen philosophy.

The system allows you to quickly and economically custom plan and build flow racks, material shuttles, workstations and any other frame systems to meet your specific needs from just a few standard components.

  • D28L round tube with 4 interfaces for attaching EcoShape connectors
  • D28L round tube, N10 with a 10 mm slot for mounting accessories from the modular aluminum framing system
  • Threaded sleeve for incorporating a leveling foot or LR
  • 90° connector
  • Parallel connector
  • 45° connector
  • Strut D28L, 45°
  • Cross connector
  • Corner bracket D28
  • D28 bushing
  • 0°-90° connector
  • 0°-90° D28 connector
  • Adapter for connecting round tube with MGE strut profile
  • Adapter for fastening light accessories
  • Adapter for combination with XLean
  • Hinge D28L/D28L
  • Hinge D28L/-
  • Plastic Variofix block for fastening surface elements with snap-in clips or a screw
  • Variofix remover for releasing the snap-in clip
  • Cable duct for laying lines
  • Captive cover
  • Easy, fast assembly by clicking using mounting base at strut profiles with 10 mm slot (using mounting base 3842552247) or D28L round tube (using mounting base 3842559338)
  • Cover cap for sealing the cable duct with pre-punched holes for running cables through
  • VDE certified
  • Tube clamp D28L, N10
    Ring D50
    Spring hook
    Rubber foot D28L
    Stopper D28L, N10
    D28L base plate
    EcoShape base plate
  • Reinforcement option for EcoShape frames/structures/applications
  • Reduction of elastic and plastic deformation through cross-bracing
  • Relief of EcoShape connectors
  • Maximum tensioning force 550 N

Subject to change, status 2022-02-11 16:05:52