• Better employee information for increased transparency and quality

Infoboards can be used to provide important information such as production figures and agreed goals, but also team overviews and job responsibilities within a department. Workers thus have access to information on-site and at any time.

The infoboards are fully suitable for industrial use due to their stable, robust construction. There are three versions available:

  • For pins with matted surface, can be used as a projection screen.
    • Perforated plate for magnets and screws.
    • Magnetic, can be written on both sides for board markers.

The boards are made up of modules. The base module is called the Wall infoboard, which becomes the Economic infoboard when the frame is added. The Mobile infoboard has rollers so it can be pushed easily as well as a tilting surface for ergonomic writing.

Multiple infoboards can be combined to set up CIP corners and discussion islands.

  • Can be retrofitted with rollers for mobile applications
  • Tilting work surface for good ergonomic posture
  • With locking rollers
  • Roller set for Infoboard Economic
  • Bracket for Infoboard Wall

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