Application Examples

A primary objective of lean production systems is to minimize inventories while simultaneously increasing transparency. This reduces tied up capital and expedites parts to workers by eliminating search times.


Material shuttles

The use of material shuttles at workstations is particularly beneficial for workstations that deal with a high degree of variance; they are the alternative to fixed-installation material supply systems.

Prefabricated material shuttles can be replaced quickly and easily. This cuts the waste that occurs in the form of waiting and conversion times.

The Logistics material shuttle is used to link the supermarket with the workstation and to pick the materials needed at a workstation or for a work step.

You can order material shuttles as a complete system with variable dimensions and equipment or as a standard material shuttle. You can also procure individual components to assemble special constructions to meet your specific requirements.


FiFo station

Complying with the FiFo principle facilitates simple traceability in the case of material faults or disruptions in the process.

The FiFo station can be compared to a supermarket for dollies, material shuttles and commissioning shuttles. The supermarket's size can be adjusted easily and quickly to your individual needs through the modular construction of the rail system.

The FiFo station supports the 5S principles for material supply.

  • To hold grab containers for commissioning, transport and supply of small parts
  • To hold workpiece pallets and containers, including small parts containers

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