Tool shelf

Incorrect posture at the workplace can result in a waste of up to 40% of a person’s potential performance. The price paid for deficiencies in workstation design is measured in the high physical input needed to compensate for them. And such input is power and energy that would better be dedicated to the actual job at hand.

Add to this the fact that our society is steadily aging and it becomes clear that early investment in proper workplace equipment is essential for maintaining productivity and competitiveness over the long term. This is the only way to help prevent chronic conditions, such as back pain, from arising in the first place.

The first step is to examine the product and what is needed to assemble it and from there to define the work table dimensions and how material is to be supplied to the worker. Once this is done, the focus shifts to the worker and ergonomic design of the workstation begins. This will include looking at optimum tool positioning and information provision, but also at accessories such as footrests and proper lighting, key elements for an ergonomic, and hence efficient, workstation. In order to maintain a well-organized workstation and to securely stow small parts that are not always needed, the last step is to complement the 5S elements with storage cabinets.

Rexroth’s height-adjustable workstations go a step further than the competition by making the height of the material supply area and that of the working surface independently adjustable. The height of the workstation is determined by the worker's height and the product height, i.e., the work area. The height of the material supply area, on the other hand, is primarily determined by the worker's height, since their optimal grab area must be taken into account.

All workstations and workstation accessories are available in an ESD-conductive version.

Rexroth workstations are available as complete systems, as modules or as individual components. Variable dimensions and equipment features allow you to customize and adapt the workstations to your specific requirements.


  • Tool shelf available with a fixed width of 230 mm
  • For ergonomic and handy positioning of tools at the workstation
  • Tool holders are hung in the tool shelf

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