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VarioFlow plus

VarioFlow plus is a flexible, modular plastic chain conveyor system used for moving high volume packaged goods and other consumer goods, such as packaged foods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. It can be used to move products horizontally, vertically, on incline or decline, overhead, sub-floor, around obstacles and over long distances. Workpiece pallets can be used to convey products in applications where positioning or higher precision is needed. VarioFlow plus is simply the quietest, most flexible, energy-efficient and easiest to assemble plastic chain conveyor available. It ships fast, too, and is now part of Rexroth's award-winning GoTo focused delivery program.



  • Applications/Markets
    VarioFlow Plus - Applications/Markets


    • Machine Linking
    • Packaged goods transport
    • Product transport using workpiece pallets (called "pucks" in some industries; "vials" in the pharmaceutical industry)
    • High volume material transport
    • Filling, capping, labeling line for personal products
    • Product accumulation and buffering

    • Application Examples

    Ideal For:

    • Automotive & Machined Parts
    • Electronics
    • Packaged Food
    • Paper (Tissue) & Packaging
    • High Volume Prescriptions
    • Personal Products, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Optical
    • Tobacco

  • Key Benefits
    VarioFlow plus - Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Optimized use of space
    • Easy assembly - Up to 40% less planning & assembly time
    • More mounting options
    • Optimized product handling due to specific chain types
    • Improved energy efficiency due to reduced friction
    • Less wear and tear on chains - longer product lifespan
    • Less noise - Up to 10% lower noise emissions
    • Free trial of MTpro
    • Free selection of motor mounting position on-site
    • Drive & curve wheels can be coupled
    • No time-consuming machining of gliding surfaces
    • Easier to clean & maintain FDA compliance

  • Notable Features
    VarioFlow plus - Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • Market-best lead times via GoTo™ Focused Delivery Program
    • Rivet-less design
    • Multiple motor mounting options
    • Multiple chain options
    • New chain design that reduces friction and noise
    • Available in stainless steel or aluminum
    • MTpro Layout and Design Tool - Offers layout designer, chain tensile force calculations and supports other MT/assembly technology products
    • Standard conveyor chain widths range from 65 mm to 320 mm
    • Optimized sliding characteristics for chains & slide rails
    • Built-in drainage surfaces
    • No lubrication needed
    • FDA-compliant