TS 1 Transfer System

The TS 1 is the baby in Bosch Rexroth’s transport system series. The dimensions of workpieces and load-bearing capacities are tailored to the assembly of small products. The use of tried and tested mature double belts, conveyor sections, lift transverse units and curves guarantees the highest levels of production reliability. The TS 1 transfer system consists of standardized components that you can freely combine to form a system. This allows you to set up numerous variants and provides made-to-measure systems that are tailored to your particular requirements.

The modular design permits cost-effective use of ratio potentials in your production process. The rugged design ensures that the system can be reused for the assembly of your future product generations.


With the TS 1, you can choose from three sizes: Workpiece pallets measuring 80 x 80, 120 x 120 and 160 x 160. The maximum permissible overall workpiece pallet weight is 3 kg. This means that the TS 1 is used amongst other things in the manual and automatic assembly of electronic and electromechanical products as well as automotive components.

Due to the dimensions and load-bearing capacities of the TS 1, it is also suitable for use in pre-assembly or partial assembly within a larger, higher-level assembly system, a transfer system, or as a feeder to an automatic assembly machine.

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