Accumulation Roller Chain V plus Conveyor Medium

With the Vplus accumulation roller chain, the workpiece pallet attains conveying speeds that are higher than the nominal chain speed by a factor of 2.5.


This makes it possible to achieve smoother running and less wear by using drives with lower chain speeds with the Vplus accumulation roller chain.


Another benefit of the Vplus accumulation roller chain is the acceleration effect: after each processing station, the conveying speed is picked up quickly without requiring any additional internal elements.


As a rule, dampened stop gates and dampers are recommended.


If you wish to attain conveying speeds of over 18 m/min using the Vplus chain, the resulting higher dynamic loads on the entire system must be taken into account.

Please contact your Rexroth specialist if in any doubt.


Workpiece pallets with PE wear pads must be used on the Vplus accumulation roller chain. The maximum permissible section load is 1.5 kg/cm.


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