Conveyor media belt and toothed belt

The belt and toothed belt conveyor media are suitable for conveying small and medium-sized workpiece pallets in clean, dry environments. The high flexibility and flat design of the conveyor media allow for narrow conveyor trenches between section segments and low installation heights for the section profiles. Whereas the belt is an especially economical conveyor medium, primarily utilized on longer section segments, the toothed belt is suitable for shorter section segments and/or driving neighboring modules that do not have drives of their own.


The conveyor media and the modules equipped with these media are used for the assembly of lightweight products, e.g. electrical household appliances. Features such as a low risk of drawing-in, low profile construction height and quiet operation facilitate their use at manual assembly stations. A surface load of up to 1 kg/cm is permissible on workpiece pallets with PA wear pads.

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