ctrlX CORE

  • Uniform and hardware-independent control architecture based on real-time-capable Linux
  • Connection to EtherCAT Ecosystem
  • Open and app-based functionality extension
  • Safe connection to IT level
  • Administrable by ctrlX Device Portal - Cloud connection, remote access, updates

ctrlX CORE the heart of ctrlX AUTOMATION


The industrial-grade and long-term available ctrlX CORE control platform has a broad range of applications and can e.g. be used in PLC applications in the general mechanical engineering market via motion applications for simple handling tasks and as pure open and industrial-grade control platform for customer-specific expertise.

With numerous features on all levels - from the design via the performance to the software and networking, Bosch Rexroth thus offers much more than only a powerful control. ctrlX CORE is the integrated, flexible and open control platform preparing every factory for the future.

By default, ctrlX CORE consistently relies on EtherCAT as automation bus and with integrated engineering, smoothly integrates into the standardized ecosystem. At the same time, the platform supports all common communication standards for connection to the IT level. The Linux-based operating system is open for the integration of all ctrlX CORE and ctrlX WORKS engineering apps as well as other partners and customer-specific apps. The integrated ctrlX Data Layer manages the communication between the apps in real-time and non-real-time.

The ctrlX Device Portal allows the controls to be managed centrally and maintained and updated remotely. Certified according to IEC 62443, ctrlX CORE securely connects the machine to the IT level.

  • Drive-integrated control system
  • EtherCAT master as automation bus for connecting the peripheral
  • Multi-Ethernet slave for connection to higher-level control systems
  • Device portal for the central management of the connected units
  • Control cabinet-based compact control system
  • High-performance 2GB RAM and strong Quad-Core ARM CPU (64bit)
  • EtherCAT master as automation bus for connecting the peripheral
  • High-performance interfaces for flexible networking
  • Control platform for versatile automation applications

Subject to change, status 2022-03-25 08:05:59