ctrlX HMI

Multi-touch displays

  • Scalable 16:9 display format up to 24"
  • For control cabinet and support arm mounting
  • Multi-touch gesture control, touchscreen, keying
  • Long-distance interfaces for distances up to 100 m
  • Industrial-grade design and simple assembly


The product series of displays from the ctrlX HMI range is designed for installation and mounting at a support arm. Connection to the PC is established via display port/USB standard port (up to 5 m) or alternatively via the CDI+ long-distance interface (up to 100 m). The variety of display format scaling as well as different installation positions make the displays an ideal solution platform for all HMI-based applications.


  • Multi-touch gesture control
  • 16:9 display formats 12" … 21"
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Robust due to anti-reflective and chemically hardened front glass
  • Parallel or serial display topologies
  • Operating display in an IP65 aluminium housing
  • 15" or 21" wide-screen display with multi-touch gesture control
  • For mounting arm assembly by means of pipe or VESA adapter
  • Suitable for hanging or standing assembly
  • Button field with front USB, 3 pushbuttons and emergency off

Subject to change, status 2021-11-16 08:05:24