• From a simpler axis with command value specification to an axis-integrated motion system
  • Scalable power of ctrlX DRIVE servo drives from 6 to 375 Apeak and ctrlX DRIVE servo motors from 3.7 to 692 Nmpeak
  • Space-saving design: Suitable for 300 mm control cabinets, 25 mm width per axis, 30% more compact motors
  • Plug & Play: ctrlX DRIVE servo drives and ctrlX DRIVE servo motors with single-cable technology
  • Ideal adaptation to machine requirements thanks to a broad motor range: rotative, linear, kit or housing

Bosch Rexroth has developed the most compact modular drive system in the world for its customers with ctrlX DRIVE. Apart from space-saving dimensions and maximum scalability, ctrlX DRIVE boasts advantages such as virtually unlimited combination options for users, sophisticated engineering tools, and high energy efficiency.

Bosch Rexroth servo motors are the perfect team player in the ctrlX DRIVE range. Boasting compact dimensions, they combine optimum dynamism with maximum precision of position, speed, and torque values.

  • Comprehensive motor range for all rotary and linear movements
  • Robust designs with high dynamism for economical production
  • Single cable connection technology for quick and easy installation
  • Broad range of application-specific options such as type of cooling, encoder systems, holding brakes, etc.
  • Certified explosion protection versions according to ATEX

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