Synchronous servo motors

  • Comprehensive motor range for all rotary and linear movements
  • Robust designs with high dynamism for economical production
  • Single cable connection technology for quick and easy installation
  • Broad range of application-specific options such as type of cooling, encoder systems, holding brakes, etc.
  • Certified explosion protection versions according to ATEX


Bosch Rexroth servo motors are the perfect team player in the ctrlX DRIVE range. Boasting compact dimensions, they combine optimum dynamism with maximum precision of position, speed, and torque values.

Bosch Rexroth's comprehensive ctrlX DRIVE range of servo motors offers outstanding performance as well as a unique variety of designs, versions and power ranges. In combination with intelligent drive control units, it perfectly solves automation applications in modern factory automation - high-dynamic, precise and reliable.

Compact synchronous servo motors meet all requirements from standard applications to high-end applications. The innovative single-cable connection technology of the synchronous servo motors simplifies installation. Fine resolution encoder systems and an outstanding radial runout ensure consistently high machining quality. ATEX-certified servo motors for areas with explosion hazard and direct drives round off the motor range.



  • Precisely scaled series with 7 sizes and up to 6 lengths
  • Maximum torque from 3.7 to 692 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.8 to 345 Nm
  • Single cable connection up to MS2N07 – saves space, weight, costs, and time
  • Flexibly configurable - types of cooling, encoders up to SIL3 PL d, holding brake, different shaft options, and much more
  • Precisely scaled series with 6 sizes and up to 3 lengths
  • Maximum torque from 4 to 266 Nm
  • Continuous torque from 0.7 to 64 Nm
  • Single cable connection up to MS2E07 – saves space, weight, costs, and time
  • ATEX conformity, device group II and device category 3D (dust) / 3G (gas)
  • Series with 3 sizes and 2 lengths each
  • 3.75 Nm ... 22.6 Nm maximum torque
  • 0.73 Nm ... 7.15 Nm continuous torque
  • Single cable connection up to MS2S05 – saves space, weight, costs, and time
  • New encoder with 18 bits and ± 360 " - Perfect combination with ctrlX DRIVE
  • Maximum productivity through linear or rotative direct drives
  • Highly dynamic with excellent control quality
  • Simplification of the machine design, fewer components and less wear for greater availability
  • Linear motors with maximum forces of 36 to 21,500 NM
  • Torque motors with a maximum torque of 15 to 13,800 NM

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