Servo planetary gearboxes for the most demanding applications


  • Maximum accuracy with high-precision gears
  • Minimum power dissipation in continuous operation
  • Quiet running thanks to optimized toothing form
  • Environmentally-resistant, hermetically-sealed housing
  • High safety against overload thanks to form-fit force transmission

Additional information

The high-precision planetary gearboxes of the GTM series are designed for direct mounting onto servo motors and are characterized by a very high power density and low torsional backlash. The high level of efficiency makes these gearboxes perfect for S1 continuous operation and therefore for use in printing machines, for example. In combination with the dynamic servo motors, they achieve the highest speeds, accelerations and optimum positioning accuracy. The single-stage or two-stage gearboxes can be supplied with an optional smooth shaft or keyway and also with reduced torsional backlash, if required.

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