ctrlX PLC

  • Scalable performance of drive-integrated single-task system up to embedded control with multi-core application
  • Unique interplay with high-level language apps via ctrlX Data Layer
  • ctrlX I/O as local or decentralized I/O system
  • New possibilities for service by administration via ctrlX Device Portal at maximum security standards

ctrlX PLC offers a scalable PLC control solution and combines the advantages of classic PLC automation with the communication and functional requirements of the Internet of Things – a perfect combination for the Factory of the Future. ctrlX AUTOMATION is embedded into the open automation platform and based on the innovative Embedded Linux Ubuntu Core operating system with real-time extension and enables problem-free extension of functions via apps. ctrlX PLC can be individually adjusted to the respective task at hand. For this, apps from the ctrlX App Store as well as third-party apps can be used. Security is always top priority starting with the configuration of ctrlX AUTOMATION, the security-by-design approach down to dedicated security apps for firewall and VPN which can be individually added and are certified according to IEC 62443.

Already the entry-level version offers more program and retain data memory than most comparable solutions. Ready-made function modules, program templates and automatic code generation via one REST interface increase effectiveness and efficiency in engineering. The ctrlX Data Layer centrally provides the data selected by the user for seamless integration with other apps. Via established standards like OPC UA or MQTT, the data can be exchanged with other systems. For control of servo drives, E/A and other field devices, ctrlX AUTOMATION mostly uses the proven performance and reliability of EtherCAT. Networking with other control systems is possible via OPC UA, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. For networking via OPC UA, Bosch Rexroth promptly implements the definitions of the Field Level Communication Initiative in the OPC Foundation to offer sustainable solutions to its users. This means that ctrlX PLC can be integrated in the most varied automation environments. Via the ctrlX Device Portal, ctrlX PLC system can be centrally managed.


  • Free choice of programming language - real-time programming in IEC 61131 and high-level programming
  • Cost efficiency - Scaling according to the application scope from single task to multi-core
  • Efficient control programming - Use of program templates by means of a convenient engineering tool
  • Individual adaptation - Integration of own and third-party apps as well as selected CoDeSys AddOns
  • New degree of freedom with the ctrlX Data Layer - Read and write access to variables via REST, OPC

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