• Compact design / compactness – in the control cabinet and in the machine
  • FSoE master and slave, up to 32 FSoE slaves per master
  • Open standards and connectivity
  • Flexibility due to various interfaces
  • Efficient engineering

With various interfaces, SafeLogic is very flexible in use:

  • Either in an Ethernet-based fieldbus network EtherCAT or Profinet,
  • in a fieldbus-independent group or
  • Standalone


The shortest reaction times of < 10 ms are possible with local I/O, a very short cycle time of 4 ms in the main task, an even shorter cycle of 1 ms in the FastChannel context and direct connection of the SafeMotion option via ctrlX SAFETYlink in the ctrlX DRIVEplus.

In the function as FSoE master, any FSoE slave devices can be integrated into SafeLogic. Therefore, extensions for safe remote I/O as well as drives, encoders and analog signals for the acquisition of safe sensor signals are available. With the SafeMotion functions additionally integrated into SafeLogic, SafeMotion in ctrlX DRIVEplus as well as other solutions for SafeMotion can be implemented for drives without an integrated safety technology.

SafeLogic enables a high data width for a secure cross communication via standard fieldbus EtherCAT and Profinet of 12 bytes IN / 12 bytes OUT per slave. As a FSoE master and slave, SafeLogic is scalable and cascadable in an EtherCAT network.

SafeLogic is fieldbus-independent via Ethernet-based cross communication Safe-Master-2-Master-Communication (up to 4 controls, 2 bytes per control) and ctrlX SAFETYlink. SafeLogic offers various interfaces such as digital I/O, ctrlX SAFETYlink, Safe-Master-2-Master-Communication, Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) and PROFIsafe. Due to the support of common fieldbus and safety protocols, SafeLogic can be easily integrated into various ecosystems.


  • Reduction of braking distances due to the shortest reaction times
  • Flexible in use
  • Compact design
  • Support of common fieldbus and safety protocols
  • Direct connection via ctrlX SAFETYlink

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